OurLand.021 – Ansome

OurLand.021 - Ansome

So moving forward to the next mix in our series, we enlist the talents of a producer/DJ that is really starting to make some serious waves in the world of Techno. Ansome is steadily rising through the ranks as the enfant terrible of the nu-breed hardware/mechanised sound, and by this mix you will see his skills range far beyond the production desk. Tracks by Blawan, FSG, Fokus Group, Happa and Paul Birken will show you this kid likes it loud (and not just in his taste of shirts). With exclusives peppered throughout the mix by the man himself too, you’d better strap yourself in and close your eyes as this is one hell of a bonkers Techno ride.

So swaggy shirt’s and drum machines aside, Ansome(aka Kieran Whitefield) has been catching the eye of even the most chin-stroked Techno dude in recent times. His highly energetic and intricately obtuse beats align themselves somewhere between Blawan/Birken/MPIA3, but he’s still retained the ability to never threaten to appear passé or cliched towards the aforementioned artists. It’s by no mean feat he’s arrived here, sheer passion, energy and creativity have prevailed, with Techno great’s such as (personal OurLand hero) Paul Birken a fan. High praise indeed from the long-time hardware provocateur, someone that we’re sure Ansome (in-turn) looks up to in many ways. His production output is fierce, with releases coming at a steady but very high quality rate. Amongst our favourite of those tracks you can find floating around on the net are “Smeatons”, “Tin” and “#3” particularly. They’re all gnarly, clash-y, urbanite, and ever so slightly bonkers, nuances that you could now quite possibly call his trademark sounds. All of his releases are creations of which continually seem to be bursting at the seams and are full of mad energy, all of which threaten to posture somewhere nearer the devil on your shoulder side of Techno for sure. Check out one of those highly recommended tracks of ours, “Tin” below…

So if you care to keep an eye on all things Techno, you will have noticed the likes of Rebekah, J.Tijn, Fifth Wall’s Hound Scales, Myler and Birken shouting Ansome’s name loud and proud from the rooftops, and gigs across Europe and on home shores have done the lad no harm either. Whether it be in a warehouse in London, or in the gritty climes of Bristol’s Timbuk2 club, this is just the tip of the proverbial Techno iceberg for Ansome. Check his forthcoming gig in Holland in March alongside A Made Up Sound (2562) and Houndstooth record’s Akkord, and you’ll see why we, and a legion of many other Techno faithfuls’ are screaming his name from the top of their lungs. It really is only a matter of time before he’ll be playing out every weekend, and we hope sincerely that you catch his live set when it hits a town or city near you. This guy really does have the raw power at the ends of those fingertips to be able to reduce a grown man to Techno tears. A video that really shows what this talent is capable of was formally shoved under our noses by Paul Birken. 10 or so minutes of raw machine bashing, a real treat for even the most die-hard and snobby of analogue fanboy. Check out that very video below:

So, after that short intro into Ansome and his talents, we urge you to do some legwork and find out more about this guy. His Facebook page and Soundcloud are supremely well managed, and offer a continuing insight into the goings on of the music/gig schedule/record label/and general life of this mesmerising and exciting talent.

So now it’s time to kick back, pour yourself a pint of the finest west country cider, and enjoy this awesome mix laid down by our man of the moment, Ansome…

So tell us about where you’re originally from and where you choose to call home as we speak?

I’m originally from a little fishing village (called St. Ives) in Cornwall, but currently live in Brixton, London.

Is there a backstory behind the name ‘Ansome’?

It’s bloody Cornish!

We understand you’re a hardware/analogue fanatic? Can you tell us a little about how you got into producing and specifically why you choose to use machines to make music?

Yeah, I’m addicted to hardware. I have always been fascinated by it, I find the process more rewarding and a lot of fun. Computers are very impersonal and I spend so much of my life on my Mac anyway, so it’s nice to get away from it. I only seriously decided to get into producing around 2 years ago when I chose to go to college and study electronic music, and haven’t looked back since.

Having seen some awesome video’s floating about on youtube of your live jams, we’re interested to know if you have any plans to present your music in a live/club capacity?

Yeah, that’s the main thing I want to push this year. I love to DJ, but live sets are so much fun and it’s the same kind of method I use make my music, so it feels very natural for me. I have quite a few live gigs lined up for this year that I am very excited about.

Are there any producers out there that inspire/have inspired you to make music?

Yeah so many! Myler, Paul Birken, G-23, Perc, Truss, Happa, FSG, Fokus Group, Clouds, Shifted, Karenn, or anything coming from Fifth Wall.

So what’s next for Ansome?

I have a few vinyl releases planned for the coming months, and a lot of gigs abroad which I am looking forward to, but mostly I will be cracking on in the studio.


  1. Blawan – Tuesday’s March
  2. Myler- Suburban London Love Story
  3. FSG- Code#02 (Original Mix)
  4. Ansome – ???
  5. Fokus Group – Rave X3 = Murder (Original Mix)
  6. Happa – Red Place (Original Mix)
  7. Paula Temple -Colonized (Perc Metal Mix)
  8. Paul Birken-Funnel Fiends
  9. FSG -Code#3 (Original Mix)
  10. Ansome – ???
  11. Ansome – Tin
  12. Ansome-???
  13. Daniel Avery – Reception (Perc Remix)
  14. Ansome – Hawkes Point
  15. Matt Whitehead – A Is For Acid (Perc Mod Mix)
  16. Nick Robson – Counter Hex (G-23 Remix)
  17. Catch – 1 (Ansome Remix)
  18. Myler – Blue Madams
  19. MPIA3 -Acid Badger
  20. Shifted – Bloodless
  21. DJ Hyperactive – Wide Open (Len Faki DJ Edit)

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